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Натуральный оттенок Bi Yellow - это мягкие цветные контактные линзы, которые добавляют блеска и яркости своему натуральному цвету. Благодаря смешению двух похожих тонов достигается эффект натурального и естественного взгляда.Контактные линзы Adore рассчитаны на 3 месяца ношения. Доступны к заказу как с оптической силой, так и без (от -15,00 до 00 и от +0,50 до +10,00). Содержимое коробки: 2 контактные линзы одинаковой оптической силы и фирменный контейнер для линз)


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Thanks Adore stafe

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I have been a client of Adore in Egypt for more than 10 years, and I have been using Adore Bi-Yellow lenses. Yhis company is a pioneer in the manufacture of colored lenses that are suitable for people who suffer from high power myopia problems like me, Because Adore fulfilled the dream of many: which is to solve the difficult equation = beauty + quality.
Which surpasses the quality of transparent lenses..
The quality and magnificence of this product is what made me insist on searching for it online when it was no longer sold in my country. I would like to thank Adorelenses Staff for the wonderful effort they made to implement this order and solve all the difficulties that I faced due to technical problems that were not my fault or theirs, but they were keen to satisfy me and implement the order in the way that suits me.
What I saw in terms of cooperation and speed of response by responding to all my inquiries more than a month ago by email, and flexibility in solving problems, encouraged me all of this to continue to follow up on the purchase until it was successful.
Therefore, I recommend this website to deal with it more than any other agent because of the efficiency and good dealings of its customer service team. And their keenness to provide accurate and correct information is not an aspiration to make a profit through false information, on the contrary. It is a reliable, trusted, and secure website, and they have the best offers and the best respectable and distinguished staff, so www.adorelenses.com is the best.