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  • 39,80 €
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    Natural Bi Yellow colored contact lenses are cosmetic soft contact lenses that enhance your natural color; thanks to the mix of two tones of the same color you will get an amazing natural look!Adore contact lenses are three month replacement , available with or without powers (from -16,00 to 00 and from +0,50 to +10,00). 1 box contains 2 lenses with same...

    39,80 €
  • 39,80 €

    Enchanting dare Yellow colored contact lenses are soft cosmetic contact lenses that give your eyes a deep intensity. Thanks to the dark circle that sorrounds your iris, your eyes will be even more fascinating and noticeable. Adore contact lenses are three months replacement and available with or without powers. (from -16,00 to 00 and from +0,50 to...

    39,80 €
  • 42,90 €
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    Pearl Yellow colored contact lenses is the latest new shade by Adore! Soft cosmetic contact lenses that ,thanks to its naturally covering, pearlescent and elegant color,modifies your natural eyes colour to give you a unique and sophisticated look! Discover Pearl collection to make your everyday look even more elegant and seductive! Adore Pearl contact...

    42,90 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items