What is Adore? 

Adore is an Italian brand of luxury cosmetic and corrective contact lenses. The brand is all about beauty, design & fashion trendsAdore lenses are produced and distributed worldwide since more than 20 years years by the Italian company Eyemed Technologies Srl (official corporate website 

The Adore brand is registered in more than 40 countries all around the world and is recognized by high quality standards of the product itself. 


How many Adore lenses I could choose among? 

collections33 different shadescheck on 

- Natural bi tone - 7 colors - the most natural collectionvery natural colors 

- Trendy tri tone - 7 colors  collection suitable especially for those with natural dark eyes 

Enchanting dare - 7 colors  particolar design, a dark circle surrounds the iris ‘s eye 

- Sparkling crystal - 6 colors  for those looking for a touch of glamour & covering color 

- Precious Pearl - 6 colors  for those looking for covering colors in a natural & sophisticated way 


Are Adore lenses also available with powers? 

All 5 Adore lenses collections are available with diopters as wellfor the correction of myopia and farsightedness. 

- Natural bi tone - myopia from -0.50 to -16.00 and hyperopia from +0.50 to +10.00 

- Trendy tri tone - myopia from -0.50 to -16.00 and hyperopia from +0.50 to +10.00 

- Enchanting dare - myopia from -0.50 to -16.00 and hyperopia from +0.50 to +10.00 

- Sparkling crystal - myopia from -0.50 to -10.00 and hyperopia from +0.50 to +10.00 

- Precious Pearl - myopia from -0.50 to -10.00 and hyperopia from +0.50 to +10.00 


How long do Adore lenses last? 

All Adore lenses are QUARTERLY. 

The 90-day period is to be considered from the opening of the sealed blisters where the lenses are contained. 


Are Adore lenses certified? 

Adore lenses have obtained the following certifications: 

  • CE mark (CE0425) 

  • EN ISO 9001: 2015 

  • EN ISO 13485: 2016 

  • FDA 

  • MOH Certificate of Sale 

  • Registrations in local countries 



How to buy Adore lenses? 

Go to official e-commerce , add your desired product to the cart and complete the purchase. 

In each package you will find 2 lenses with same corrective power and a personalized Adore lens case. 

*If you live in USA, go to this official e-commerce 


N.B. Before purchasing any contact lens, it is highly recommended to have a medical examination by your trusted optician. 


How to choose the color? 

Run to official e-commerce , select your desired product, you will find a natural photo of the lenses texture, of lenses on the natural eye and a mini-video, as well as a description of the lenses with technical characteristics. 

We strongly recommend you to get inspiration from the real photos of people wearing Adore lenses on , through our social channels: 


If you still needs any support, do not hesitate to contact us @ or whatsapp us @ +39 3939741914 


How do I choose my diopter? 

Once you selected the product you wish to buy, you will have the opportunity to choose the diopter that better suits your needs. 

If you do not need any lenses powers, just leave "00"that means lenses without corrective powers. 

To be sure of your diopter needsyou do need to have a medical prescription, issued by your trusted optician. 


I have 2 different diopters (right eye and left eye with different correction powers needed), how can I buy them? 

Inside the box there are 2 lenses with same corrective power, so it will be necessary to purchase 2 different boxes. In this case, we’ll sponsor you the shipping cost , so you will save it. (* Except for the offers / promo periods where the minimum spend for free shipping is € 69.80)

Additionally, your Adore lenses will last a total of 6 months (3 + 3). 



What are the payment methods I can use? 

You can pay by credit card, rechargeable card, paypal and in Italy onlyalso with cash on delivery (fixed cost of the service € 7.00).

With Clearpay (Italy, France and Spain only) you can also pay comfortably in 4 installments without added interest. Pay the first immediately, and the rest after 2, 4 and 6 weeks.

Would you like to pay by bank transfer? No problem, contact us at 


Which are shipping timing and costs? 

Italy  - GLS or TNT courier delivers in 1-3 working days - cost € 5.90 

Europe - delivery time is 3-7 working days - cost € 5.90 

Extra CEE  - you can choose among fast shipping with FEDEX delivery in 3-7 working days at € 20.00 or postal service at € 5.90  

(*For Latin American countries the only delivery option is postal service & delivery time is around 30-40 days). 

Any customs duties for Extra CEE countries delivery with express courier should be paied by the customer

We offer free standard shipping starting from 69 euro order amount

How will I be informed of my shipment status? 

Once the shipment has been prepared for deliveryyou will receive an e-mail notification directly from the courier holding the shipment. 


Can I receive lens samples? 

Suddenly at the moment there is no lens sampling service availablewe’re working to provide it asap. 

If you do have any doubts in relation to the choice of the lens texture / color, we strongly recommend you to contact usit will be our pleasure to support you & give you our professional suggestions on it. 

If you are interested in collaborationspls inbox , provide us with links to your social channels and a brief description of your profile 




Where is my order? 

The shipment preparation of your order take 1-2 working days timing. You will receive an e-mail from courier with your reference tracking code right after shipment. 

!!! Always check your inbox (spam as well)!!! 


What do I do if receive my order & I do have a problem with the lenses? 

Dont’t worrywe’ll be here to support you on every step. Do not discard lenses or boxessimply take pictures of the defective lenses and of the outer box and contact us at , you’ll be requested to share order data, info & pictures accordingly. 



How do you wear my contact lenses? 

Click on this link to find out more about our professional advices on key topics like the application and maintenance of Adore contact lenses ->